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Pedal Resistance Band - Pink

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  • Pedal resistance band is made of environmentally friendly TPR material, which is solid, thick, and has high tensile strength and good elasticity (can be stretched to 8ft with maximum 100 lbs of force). It adds steel tubes in the non-slip handle and foot area to make the exercise equipment more durable and long use.
  • High-quality resistant yoga equipment, workouts for shoulder, back, abdomen, waist, arms, and legs. It can also do a sit-up and seated exercises to improve stretching and flexibility.
  • It features large ABS footrests which are more comfortable and a better fit for your feet.
  • Training with the resistance bands may not only assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle, but also prevent getting cervical spine and lumbar pain, maintaining a healthy body.
  • This exercise band features a completely fit hand design, small in size. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michelle Thomas
Pretty cool exercise tool.

I really like this exercise tool it really helps with sit ups and other exercises for toning. The only thing I don’t like is that the foot bars are not big enough if you wear sneakers to work out other than that it’sa really good tool.

love it for abs!!!

I love this product. I only use this for ab work because I have trouble doing abs freeform. This thing is amazing!!! I feel the burn and makes ab workouts fun and bearable.

Not hard to use.

Easy to use. Give it one week. 20 crunches and 20 leg lifts a day. You will feel it working. Doesn't stresses the body out.

Kathleen Chakmakjian
Strengthening my whole body in shape

I love my Aikotoo Pedal Resistance Band. It gives me energy and makes my body stronger. I start in the morning for 10 minutes and gives me continuous exercising, it all about strengthening your cores.I highly recommend it.

I think it works

Definitely worth a try for the price. I just can’t so sit ups and really want to work on my waistline. I feel like it tightening my abs while I use it but haven’t had that nice day after soreness from a strenuous workout. Suspect I’m not using it as long as I should, I’m kind of lazy. Will try to do more with it. Be careful to make sure your feet are really secure in the stirrups, I can see how it could snap you in the face if they’re not secure.

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