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Rose Quartz Jade Roller & Gua Sha

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  • The face roller muscle tension relief and lymphatic drainage works on reducing facial edema, wrinkles and help your skin look fresh. Firm your skin and make it look dewy and lifted.
  • Jade Face Roller: The at-home skincare face massager tool is made of rose quartz. The face & eye roller is sturdy. The massager roller is very smooth and relaxing for a night to yourself. 
  • Gua Sha: not only can improve circulation of blood flow, but the guasha stone also helps the muscle relax.
  • Tips: You can keep the facial jade roller and Guasha in the fridge and it helps to eradicate morning puffiness and get the skin refreshed.
  • The beauty skin care tools are packaged in a beautiful gift box.We suggest you wash the beauty skin care tools, face roller and guasha after and before each use.
  • Use on your face, eyes, neck and body to help relax and improve blood flow.

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