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Ab Roller Wheel

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    • This roller comes with a free knee pad wide enough to support both of your knees, easy to install and disassemble, convenient to use, and unlimited scenes.
    • The 3.2" ultra-wide ab roller ensures balance and stability, as it does not deviate left and right. Meanwhile, it helps achieve the desired exercise effect, while avoiding unnecessary injuries.
    • Made with an EVA rubber cotton handle. EVA foam for safety and comfort, with an ultra-wide comfortable grip, TPR soft rubber wheel surface, and smooth operation.
    • High-strength stainless steel shafts with a maximum weight of 440-pounds for your safety, easy assembly, and easy workout - both at home and in the gym.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Good quality, comes with small knee mat, assembly a little tricky

    Overall, this product is good quality, and I would buy again. It comes with a little knee pad which is very nice & thick enough to use comfortably on a wood floor with no pain; it does come a little folded up but flattens out quickly with use. It was tricky to assemble and get the handle snugly in the center but not too terrible. Packaging was sturdy and nice, but I would prefer an image of someone with a normal body type actually using the product over the unrealistically muscled and low-body-fat man's torso on the packaging now. Would also prefer if there were no plastic bags used in internal packaging, as it's unnecessary because of the quality of the box & would prevent plastic waste.

    My abs are screaming...

    Great product, tough, strong and sturdy; I'm seriously building a six-pack during this Covid-19 lockdown and appreciated the fast delivery. The knee pad is a bit wimpy compared to the roller but you won't notice the sore knees compared to your abs screaming in surrender.


    I am very surprised at how much this actually works. I thought I'd overdo it on the first workout just so I could identify all the muscles it actually worked. Mistake! I couldn't use it again for like a week. This is one of those 'as seen on TV' items that actually works.

    Abraham Matthew galceran

    if you are lifting some serious weight with squats, deadlifts, or rows then this is a great accessory tool to have. What i like about this ab wheel versus other ab wheels that i have used is that it feels a lot more sturdy and well built and smooth when rolling. Although its not be leaps and bounds because an ab wheel can only be so amazing haha. Ive been using this ab wheel and it feels very sturdy and takes one minute to assemble and there is not re adjusting that I've had to do even with daily use! but the option to adjust it is still fairly easy to do. I would say that if you use this product correctly than you can get some more sturdy abs that well stay tense for a longer period of time. I found the price of this ab wheel to be extremely reasonable for the quality you are receiving. Theres tons of products like there out there and i would say this is just a slight step above those but for the price i think its a steal.

    Great for hardwood floors and the ab roller won't mark up the floors.

    With everything going on in the world, I decided that to start working out more at home and less at gyms and therefore I decided to buy this particular ab roller. I decided on this ab roller for a couple of reasons. First, this ab roller is wider than the cheaper alternatives and that's exactly what I wanted because I always find myself teetering with the more narrow wheels. Second, I have large hands and wanted something with a bit more padding on the handles and this device does just that! I tested this ab roller on a wooden floor and carpet with no issues. This will pickup some debris from the floor but that is expected since the outside of the wheel is softish plastic which allows it to not scratch the wooden surface while in use. Overall, this a great product that anyone can use!

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