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Coconut Body Scrub

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  • Our unique 4-in-1 formula does everything a body scrub should do and more. It exfoliates, cleanses, nourishes, and moisturizes. The fine-grain dead sea salt is infused with organic essential oils, nutrients, and skin softeners that will transform your skin making it soft, healthy, and radiant.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, dark spots, and acne scars. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Scrub and company!

I am very impressed with this scrub and company. I have always purchased scrubs from spas or stores so this was my first blind online purchase. Given the quarantine we are in I had no choice and really needed to treat myself to some pampering. Let me say, I AM SO HAPPY I did!Firstly, the scrub is fantastic!! I tried the coconut Dead Sea salt scrub. The smell is strong but in the best of ways. Gives you a fresh feeling. The scrub is just as abrasive as I could have wanted and left my skin feel better than I had expected!Secondly, I appreciated the tips that were emailed before my product arrived! To top that off, with the product you receive an exfoliating loofa, a wooden spoon and an organic soap bar! I had no idea when purchasing the scrub that these would come with (I didn’t read reviews) and I was so so pleasantly surprised.Jenna seems like a wonderful person and entrepreneur! Definitely support this business if you can!!!

Mom Approved
LOVE My Skin!!!

This leaves my skin feeling SO smooth... I mean smooth enough the hubby noticed only after using it twice! Which is hard to do in the very dry Western climate I live in. On top of that we are ranchers so you have very weathered leathered skin after awhile. I gave up thinking I’ll never have that healthy skin look again. This goes above what I thought I could ever achieve in my skin appearance again. I use this when I shower (2-3x a week) I found it best to use this when I leave my conditioner in my hair. I turn off the water, take a teaspoon size of this scrub and rub all over for about 2-3mins. Focusing on the troubled areas that need it most. Then wash it off and dry! I also make sure to only pat dry with the towel for extra hydration protection. I’m a forever customer now and I recommend this to EVERYONE and gift it to anyone I know who doesn’t have it. That’s all it takes, is to get it once and you will never ever leave it. I also love how the Owner takes so much pride in products/ingredients. She goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction and product quality. it shows in everything they do and pays off!

No more product "hopping"

I’m obsessed with this line. In my circle of friends and family, I’m known as the ultimate product “hopper” - always looking for something better. This however is my absolute go-to. The scent is authentic (I've tried Sandlewood and cucumber), and the feel of my skin is heavenly. I found the best so as long as the quality for the price stays a 5 out of 5, why look for another brand?

shrinath parimi
My skin is thankful

I’m updating my 1 star to 5 star because the seller personally reached out to me after having an issue with my previous purchase. Even though, I had to return the product, I was sent a complimentary product and I must say I’m very impressed. I’ve used so many scrubs in the past due my skin issues and none of them made my skin feel so generously hydrating and smooth. The scrub itself is not too coarse or too smooth right in the middle thus exfoliating enough without any irritation. It smells pleasant not too overwhelming. And this time, the scrub did come with the side tools. So, it definitely worth buying a second time around.

Karen Harris
Never buying another brand - Awesome

Right grit, right scent, right moisture for nice application. I have been meaning to rave about these but just got around to it as I wanted to see how the end of the jar did. I have tried a LOT of scrubs (from too dry/dead too fast to fall in the shower overly greasy, to this is supposed to smell like what?). These are perfect!! Even gave these as Xmas happies to friends and everyone else loved them as well I sincerely suggest trying these. I loved the eucalyptus but I am now trying others and so far they have all been exceptional. Good job lady! Also nice I feel like you don't have crap in them (yes I did my research and looked u up). You will keep my business and you deserve it ;)

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