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Collagen Peptides Powder - Strawberry Lemon

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  • Nourish your inner glow with our Beauty Collagen. Strawberry Lemon Collagen is a deliciously subtle blend of bovine hide collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, probiotics, and organic lemon, strawberry, and beet.
  • Collagen Peptides should be digested and absorbed by the body quickly for maximum benefits. Helps improve the health of your hair, skin, nails, joints, and ligaments, and tendons. Beauty Collagen also boasts probiotics and 120mg of moisture-inducing hyaluronic acid to help to enhance skin hydration and elasticity.
  • Soluble in hot or cold liquids, including coffee, smoothies, and tea. 1 or 2 scoops a day is all you need. It can be taken in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening.
  • We provide a scoop to measure it, and 2 scoops of powder = 19g. That's also why the container is not full as we have to leave room for the scoop. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bonny J Gordon
Smells delicious

It smells AMAZING but tastes like nothing. No biggie on the flavor, really, because it blends into smoothies nicely. But if you order this to mix in water, plan to add flavor to it.Otherwise, the collagen content is fabulous. My skin and joints are stoked.

Tea Fort Drum, NY
Good flavor

I love Vital Proteins! Product arrived quickly as expected. The flavor is good and it does mix well. My only issues is that some powder somehow came out of the container in shipping and when I went to open the product there was powder on the container and on my counter. I’m a big fan of the brand and it’s definitely cheaper on .

Great taste

Absolutely love this product and brand. I prefer this to the unflavored collagen protein. I haven't used it long enough to see the benefits so I can't speak to that but it mixes well and tastes great in my protein fruit smoothie.

Best product on the market!

Hands down the best tasting powder ever!! Ever since I started using both this powder and the peptide collagen my skin has been glowing! Only thing is, if your not use to using protein powders you would think t doesn’t mix well because you’ll still see specks floating but that’s familiar with most powders.. they eventually dissolve after awhile.

Hoping for results

I’ve used this product everyday for 11 days. At first, it was hard to get past the smell & taste. After a few days and mixing it with crystal light, it’s not so bad. Haven’t really noticed a change in anything yet though. However, I only got 11 servings out of the container, suppose to have 14, and never filled the scoop even full when I mixed it. So that’s the only bad thing about this product.

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