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Fitness Tracker - Purple - 1.14" Screen

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  • 1.14-inch IPS Color Screen: A bigger and brighter HD screen that makes it easier and more clear for your reading despite in the sun with the brightness adjustment. With IP68 waterproof capacity, you are free to wear it for washing hands, taking a shower, and some water sports.
  • 24/7 Health Monitor: The updated sleeping monitor is not only for the general night detecting, but also works for your naps in the daytime. The Greenlight + infrared dual detecting for heart rate and blood pressure with personalized in-app reports let you know your health more specifically.
  • Easy To Pair:  Accurately track your steps, walking distance, calories burned, and activity time all day which helps you crush your fitness goals. No technology required to sync with your phone and easy to access your health report for almost 30-days. Just download the free Morepro and pair through the App.
  • Long Battery Life & Wide Compatibility: Simplify your life with the cordless USB charging style and up to 5-days with a fully charged battery for daily progress (Battery life and charge cycles vary with use and other factors). Universal compatible with Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher smartphones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love the fitness tracker

Love the watch! Wear it all the time. I don’t think it’s perfectly accurate, but close and gives you a good idea of what’s going with your vitals while exercising and resting. The app is easy to use. It does a lot more than the expensive fitness trackers. For me , the battery seems to last about 4-5 days. I did learn I occasionally sleep walk!! When I wake up around midnight have to check the app. Otherwise it won’t show the sleep record on the app before midnight. It did take some time to figure out how it works!

TCM Hospitality Corpoaration

needed to start watching my sleep pattern and blood pressure and also my steps per day also when i run a all and all great working multi functional piece a must buy for sure for the money you can't go wrong go out and get one you will really be surprised how much or little you actually do so get off your butt and get motivatedChef

Buy it!

I hesitated to buy it because it was so inexpensive but I'm glad I did! This fitness tracker has really surprised me! It's seems to be accurate. The battery holds a good charge. The mobile app is easy to use.The only thing I don't like is the band. It is very stiff.

Sleep tracking!!

I’m using it mostly for sleep tracking! I often times sleep walk orrrr have very lucid dreams and or hallucinations while awake but yet not awake, and sleep paralysis. Doesn’t happen very often, but I’m wondering if my O2 dips low causing the Gallic orrrrr if my blood pressure either goes really high or really low. But hoping to catch something odd when they occur! Other than that, seems pretty accurate. Of course blood pressure isn’t as accurate on the wrist as compared to the upper arm. Usually the wrist cuffs or wrist blood pressure is off about 5 numbers. But I can say that this is just as accurate as my rite aid wrist cuff BP machine!!! So spot on there! Again you can see it’s about as spot on as my other BP cuff!! Pics for reference!

Sometimes Information Inaccurate

Slightly inaccurate on steps and calories burned. Everything else is spot-on accurate.The other drawback for me is the difficulty removing the charging side strap so that I can charge the watch when the battery is low (which is not often.) Feels like I will eventually break it off.Overall still happy and will purchase another if need be.

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