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Hand Blender - 800W - 12 Speeds

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  • Best On The Market:  From our Titanium steel 4 blade rotation system to our full copper 800-watt clump destroying motor, no other stick blender matches this model's ability to crush, pulverize, and smoothly blend, so any recipe or smoothie can be made with the easiest cleanup. The sleek ergonomic handle provides comfort but with great control and stability to prevent slippage.
  • Powerful & Fast - 12-speeds give you maximum choice and precision to prepare salsas, shakes, smoothies, baby food, and more. The 800-watts of power drives consistently smooth results and high performance. Use the TURBO boost for maximum speed and a more homogeneous mixture.
  • Smart Appliance: The bell-shaped blending base reduces suction and splashing, so you can blend and puree in less time and whisk and chop in seconds. With a convenient hook to store and easy to detach dishwasher-safe attachments, this is your smart choice blender for kitchen functionality.
  • Practical Attachments: This set includes snap-on blending and whisk attachments, Beaker (20 fl. oz), and Twist and Lock Chopper (16oz) with a removable blade. The chopper acts as your mini food processor with the perfect lid to eliminate mess and tearing eyes when chopping white or red onions.

Customer Reviews

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king toot
easy to hold and vary the speeds, easy to clean

It is designed not to splatter (deep bell) but on high speeds it may still splatter small droplets nearby, depending on what you are mixing, bowl shape, how full etc., but it doesn't make anything like the mess other blenders I have used do. Rather small diff between consecutive and even across the range of speeds on the dial, but big diff between the high and low setting on the handle, which is fine I guess. I find this blender easy to hold and use buttons... have used other brands that are, by contrast, really a pain, put you in a tiring position, etc. Cleaning it... OK, you will never see if you got all the gook off the underside of the blade, but it is pretty easy to reach under there with a drinking straw brush or some other such implement, and the rest of the bell is very visible and easy to clean. Nothing in the way of cracks or gaskets in there where you can imagine bacteria are going to be setting up shop. This blender cost no more than the worse ones that I am describing... I think it is a good buy.

Rita G. Wilson-Reuter
Excellent product on many levels, as well as customer service, truly AMAZED!!!

I really love this product, it is powerful and feels very sturdy. I love the attachments that came with it, they enable me to turn one tool into three!!! ;-} This is very helpful for saving time, as well as convenient when space is limited. Thank you Müeller for making a great product that saves me time and that simplifies my life. I look forward to trying other Müeller products. Also, I REALLY appreciate that when I had a minor issue (not product related) you made sure it was resolved in under 24 hours!!! Now that is what I call EXCELLENT customer service!!! ;-} It is unfortunate that in this day and age there are very few companies that take pride in customer satisfaction, and this is why you have made a long time customer with me.

Powerful hand blender. Highly recommend

This is absolutely amazing. It works very well and its very powerful so far i have used it for smoothies and it worked perfectly even better than my traditional blender I highly recommend this product.

Good Value

I don't know why this site asked me to rate the sheerness but this is a handy little blender. The turbo button is great though I do agree with other reviewers that the splashback is more than I expected based on other blenders I've used. Cleanup takes a little more effort than I would like due to the size of the blades. Food gets trapped easily but is not a problem to dislodge. I am much happier with this model than my Betty Crocker though it did serve me well. This one costs a little more but in my view is worth it, especially with the handy attachments.

Michele L. Perry
The Bomb, Baby!

I bought this because I had bariatric surgery recently. I needed something fairly compact to go with me from one stage of nutrition to the next because I don't have a lot of space. The packaging was impressive, and the setup was a breeze. I can make effortless protein shakes, and as I move to the puree phase, all I have to do is switch out the attachment, using a different blade and setting on the wand to chop my food down so it will be easy to digest. Soups, salads, salsas, I can do it all and more with this product. All of the containers are a generous size and clean easily. I love my Mueller Smart Stick. If that weren't enough, the company has fantastic customer service who answered on the third ring!! My purchase triggered a free gift, which was going to be shipped to the wrong address but my trusty Mueller customer service rep stepped in and saved the day :)

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