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Personal Blender

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  • Compact design and BPA free: Great for home, office and travel with on the go portability.
  • Blend and go: Blend and drink from the 14 ounce jar and lid which are both dishwasher safe.
  • One-touch blending: Makes great smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades, salad dressing and more.
  • Stainless steel blades: Ice crushing power for smooth results
  • Efficient 175 watt motor provides all the power you need for fast, reliable performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dorothy Birdwell
Fires the job.

I bought this blender four my grandson. We had tried a different one for his morning smoothies. It wouldn't do the job and we returned it and replaced it with this one. I have used this model daily for almost a year after my daughter gave it to me, so I know it lasts. When I asked him how it works he said awesome. I think that pretty much says it all.

Smoothies Made Easy and Fun

It's easy to use this little mighty blender. I got it because I saw a friend use it and it seemed like it'd bring my passion back for making smoothies. I quit making them because most blenders are not that great and irritating to clean. This one is so worth it. It's inexpensive too! I ended up buying the same one for my friend, because she loved mine so much. Excellent buy for people looking to make one smoothie at a time - and they have options with an extra cup (the one I bought for my friend) for people who need to make two.

Great little blender!

This is my first personal blender that I've ever bought and I love it! Im trying to get healthier so I've been having smoothies every day with all kind of frozen fruits and powders and as long as you badd enough liquid, you are good to go! I will probably give one to someone for Christmas this year because it's a great gift for a reasonable price. I love that it's also a travel mug!

Good personal blender!

Im use it almost everday for smoothie, with frozen fruits or yogurt, milk. Sometimes i crash a few ice cubs there. After cuple of mounths of use its still working good , didnt had any issues with nights or plastic case as other customers wrote review. Just regular washing by soap and water, and dont fill it till the end of cup, use maximum limit line for measuring.

Massachusetts guy
Works great for exercise smoothies

The ideal mini blender for exercise smoothies. Not meant to break up ice cubes or other hard add-ins. Trying this can crack the plastic cup. OK to add in a small amount of crushed ice, just not full ice cubes. My typical pre- or post-exercise smoothy is two scoops of protein powder, half an avocado, some honey, and about 1 1/2 cups of milk. This is my second one of these blenders. The first one last about two years until I broke it trying to blend ice cubes.

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