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Sports Water Bottle - 32oz

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  • Our bottle is made of BPA-free Triton Co-Polyester and premium craftsmanship. 
  • We offer the same pure taste that those glass water bottles do, but with the added benefit of shatter-resistant durability. Our spill-proof lid is a marvel of ingenuity and effectiveness. With one push of a button, you are on your way to healthy hydration.
  • The sports water bottles are completely recyclable. Having a reusable water bottle helps against the production of waste compared to disposable plastic bottles. Our water bottles are made to be durable, which ensures you can enjoy water from them for years to come. Drinking water has numerous benefits to you and having optimal levels of hydration is necessary for reaching peak performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
My favorite water bottle

I was gifted one a couple of years ago and it quickly became my favorite. It lets you drink a lot of water without having a huge spout or a straw. It's also not very wide so it is easy to fit in cupholders and on my bike. I love the sealed lid because I work at a hospital and I don't want all those germs getting in my water bottle. A couple of my friends saw mine and ordered their own and they love them as well. I already had the grey and when I saw the blue I had to have it. This brand will be my go-to for water bottle from now on.

Get your water intake quick/fast spout!

I have to track my water intake, I’ve tried yeti & tervis before and they’re great for keeping it cold, or on ice. This bottle does sweat, but I don’t need it super cold, I juts need to make sure I get a min of 2 liters in a day, this gives me the exact amount and it comes out so fast, it helps me reach that goal so fast! That’s my favorite thing is the spout, and how fast it comes out. I prefer most other drinks to water, this helps me get it down and quick! Love the lock thing and the handle comes in so handy with full hands!

Great design, great product -- BPA and BPS free Tritan plastic

This is the best water bottle I have ever used--and I've tried a lot over the years. The design is great for both the 32 and 18 oz bottles. I have several of each size, and I use them daily.For those reviewers commenting about the safety and recycling number "7", please check your research. Tritan plastic has been tested numerous times in the last decade (check Google for a sample) and is confirmed to be both BPA and BPS free. Tritan plastic is used by many companies for food grade products, not just Embrava. The Recycle designation of "7" is merely a catch-all meaning it doesn't fit into one of the other 6 categories--which makes sense because this is a relatively new plastic. While some plastics in this category do have BPA or BPS, not all of them do.Embrava clearly and accurately states that it is BPA free. While there may well be some other chemical threat to be identified in the future (isn't there always a new one?!), for now, this product seems to be the best I've found for the price, and much more convenient for me than glass or stainless steel.I'm ordering more while I can on the lightning deal!

Wow. I'm surprised. Great water bottle.

It looked great but I though the spout was smaller than expected. It looked more like the tip of a straw sticking out, but when I started to use it, I was surprised. Flow wasn't like a wide opening but it definitely felt like the right amount of flow. The lid was easy to pop open (a press of a button) and it closes air tight. I often toss the bottle to the passenger seat and it has never leaked laying on its side. The ring to hold the strap is a skinny piece of plastic, and I hope it lasts. I still give this bottle a rounded up 4.5 stars.

Lauria Kincaid
Liked it so much, I bought it again!

I’ve tried several water bottles that promise to be leak-proof only to start leaking a couple months in. This one actually works.I bought a second one so I can alternate between washings.A spare set of silicone seals is included for when the first degrades.The anti-microbial coating on the bottle seems to work great as well.I’ve dropped it several times and everything is working great.The one improvement they could make would be to make the carrying strap removable to make it easier to clean the bottle and the strap, but the strap itself functions well.

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