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Sports Water Bottle - 32oz

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  • Our bottle is made of BPA-free Triton Co-Polyester and premium craftsmanship. 
  • We offer the same pure taste that those glass water bottles do, but with the added benefit of shatter-resistant durability. Our spill-proof lid is a marvel of ingenuity and effectiveness. With one push of a button, you are on your way to healthy hydration.
  • The sports water bottles are completely recyclable. Having a reusable water bottle helps against the production of waste compared to disposable plastic bottles. Our water bottles are made to be durable, which ensures you can enjoy water from them for years to come. Drinking water has numerous benefits to you and having optimal levels of hydration is necessary for reaching peak performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Perfect water bottle for everyday, gym, and traveling, backed up by excellent customer service.

Finally, exactly what we were looking for after trying several options.What we love,- PRACTICAL: 1) One click open and close with one hand only. Perfect for workout such as cycling. 2) Leak proof, which is great for traveling.- CLEAN: 1) Super easy to clean with no straw and all parts are completely accessible. This was a big pain point for us when we tried other bottles that grew mold in tiny corners even with huge efforts in cleaning with tools. 2) No exposed drinking sprout, which makes it sanitary.- SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: The company customer service was responsive and went above and beyond to resolve an issue we had after one year daily use of the bottle.Watch outs,- Make sure you air dry it well otherwise the handle ( made of a durable fabric) could smell musty.- I don’t think the bottle is made for dishwasher. We ruined our first one by putting it in the dishwasher by mistake. However, hand washing it is very easy.

I don't think I could be happier with a water bottle.

I originally ordered this bottle because it has an easy to clean top and was 32 oz. I love it some much more than I ever imagined. It comes with a built in fruit strainer so I have started making fresh flavored water with all kinds of fresh fruit. It fits perfectly in the car drink holder. The wrist strap was another plus that I had not really paid attention to when ordering. It is the perfect length and the holder around the bottle is perfectly engineered. Nice wide mouth to fit ice. It is all very easy to clean. No hidden cracks or complicated designed parts to try to clean around. Absolutely perfect.

Spencer Bray
Love the top! And its thin enough to fit into a car cupholder!

The mere fact that this water bottle is 32 oz and fits into a car cupholder is a HUGE selling point for myself. I hated having a waterbottle that did not fit in a cupholder and the ones that did were typically not 32 oz, which bothered me. Also, this water bottle is super easy to clean, use, lock, and on top of it all it looks nice! I only have one complaint and its super minor, the tassle string thing does not come off, so when you wash it, it gets wet usually if you are washing both the inside and outside of the bottle. However, other than that its a great water bottle, i always get compliments and ive had 4 other coworkers buy it since ive gotten mine!

Best bottle ever!!! According to our son!

We have tried and purchased so MANY BOTTLES! This one I got for our son for when he goes to school. He was taking 2 bottle of water each day and I wanted to get this 32 ounce one so he can use it instead of grabbing 2 bottles everyday. He LOVES it! I was going to purchase another one so he has 2 of them and I just tried to reorder it from and their website and they are SOLD OUT! UGH! I do not know what makes this bottle better than others, but my son LOVES LOVES this bottle. The 32 ounce Grey is the one we purchased for him! I hope they get them back in stock because the Pink one will not do.

This is a great water bottle!

The negative reviews are either dishonest or one-offs. The bottle is thick, doesn't leak (I even shook it upside down a few times), and I've been using it for a week now. I was worried when i saw reviews about it being too thin, but i couldn't just squeeze it and I did bang it on my desk a few times, dropped it once (on accident, bottom hit the floor first), and it still seems sturdy to me. I've taken it hiking twice on long trails and it's held up beating against my bag and trees.To the people complaining about it showing two bottles but only getting one, well it does say it's only one bottle. The consequence of not reading doesn't mean the product is poor. It IS only one bottle, and I can see how people can feel misled, but you can't really blame the product anymore than you can blame anyone for not reading the "fine print"

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